Whether you are buying a new home or refinancing your current one, you are going to want to find the best interest rate possible on your new loan. Good news for you, mortgage interest rates are at historic low, with a 30-year fixed coming in under 4%. That is almost unheard of. Even though, the

A very common question I get asked by my sellers, is when should I put my house on the market for sale? Is there ever a “better” time? Southwest Florida has visitors from all over the world and is a highly desirable place to live. Unfortunately for sellers, if your home is not priced right

Old charm and unique architect is a big selling point for older homes. Some homebuyers feel that newer homes are just not built the way they used to be built. With older homes come a lot of renovations, especially with plumbing and electrical work. Another factor that needs to be considered in purchasing a home


Chinese drywall is something we are hearing more often these days. What exactly is Chinese drywall? How do you know if your home has it?  So many buyers come to Southwest Florida and have never heard of Chinese drywall or do not really understand what it exactly is.  This contaminate drywall is something that can

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